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License is NO LONGER required in order to print and sell any type of transfers, stickers, water slides of my designs.

Please note this is a DIGITAL file of a printable PNG download - no physical product will be shipped!

PNG's are 300dpi and are sent as finished files and are not for editing.

Please make sure you have the required software and knowledge to use this graphic before making you purchase. REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON DIGITAL DOWNLOADS.

*IMPORTANT* every effort has been made to represent the true colors of this file but resolution may vary from screen to screen and printer to printer.

All digital designs are for personal/small commercial use only and may not be COPIED, DISTRIBUTED, SHARED, or RESOLD. Credit is not required for small commercial use.

This design is created with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI). AI assistance implies that an AI art generator was employed in its creation. AI art generators are programs that aid in the transformation of textual prompts into digital graphics. I utilize AI art deliberately and creatively, avoiding the generation of commonplace or unoriginal images. This approach enables the realization of ideas that were previously difficult to achieve. When aiming for something specific, the process is no small feat, often requiring hours of trial and error, along with highly descriptive and coded text prompts. Eventually, the artwork envisioned can be translated onto the screen. However, additional steps are necessary, such as making corrections, incorporating hand-drawn details, fixing flaws, manipulating and rearranging elements, utilizing specialized software for upscaling without compromising quality, removing backgrounds, adjusting color profiles, and exporting for immediate use. Importantly, I refrain from inputting image prompts that do not originate from my own creations, and I do not request the generator to mimic the style of other artists.